My first canoe

So today the BF and I went and spent a boat load of money (hee hee). He got some money from his mother as a college graduation gift to be spent on a Canoe. So today I played hookey and called in to work and we went to the cities (MSP/St Paul) and bought our first canoe.

Now BF and I don’t do anything by halves so we bought a Kevlar canoe (here) and all the accessories to go with it. We had to get life vests, paddles and mounting brackets to get it on top of the pickup truck.

Canoeing is something that we have wanted to do for a while and we finally can do it right. After we got home we had about an hour before dark so we went down to the landing and put in the water. We stunk!! Practice makes perfect so we will be back out there tomorrow some time. Now the question will be a 4 mile hike or a canoe trip…. I want to wait and see how muscles feel in the morning.

I am skipping yoga today. My muscles are too tired and sore.


One comment

  1. boat load of money :)and GO YOU FOR LISTENING TO YOUR BODY!theres no need to make the muscles move if what they really need is a break~MizFit

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