More phone troubles

So on Thursday BF’s phone got stolen and he had to replace it on Friday. Friday night some friends showed up unexpectedly and my Yoga plans got completely sidetracked. Instead we all sat around playing video games and catching up. During the middle of the evening a glass of wine got tipped over DIRECTLY ONTO MY CELL PHONE. Of course no one noticed it for about a half hour. It was toast by the time I got to it. So today I had to go and get myself a new phone.

Between planning or BF’s canoe trip, the unexpected phone purchases, and purchasing some camping gear for myself so that after the big canoe trip with the guys BF and I can take our own my finances are total crap. I had just paid all my credit card bills down to 0 and was excited with the thought of finally getting ahead. Now it will be months before I am down to 0 again and then christmas will be on me. I really need to get the money stuff in hand.

No yoga today. Forgot until it was to late to do it. Tomorrow is another day!


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