It’s Sunday

Today is Sunday. For some reason Sunday has always been a sad day for me. I don’t like the idea of having to go back to work on Monday. Especially since right now the job is so horrible. The other thing about Sunday’s is that they are house cleaning day. I have always hated house cleaning and it shows. Today I was looking around and discovered that parts of our house are “FILTHY”. I hate that. Messy is one thing but it shames me to think about all the dirt in our house. I am adding another goal for this year to my list. I would love to get to the place where house cleaning comes naturally.

My dream is to be one of those people who never have to rush around cleaning when they find out that there will be guests in their house. I want the fridge to be clean when I open it and for the tupperware cupboard to not rain plastic ware on the floor every time I open it.

Unfortunately these are all learned behaviors that I never learned. Also, living with 3 other adults who don’t help makes me feel like a maid in my home. I don’t actually own my home which makes it even more difficult because I don’t have a say in many of the things that go on around here. Some how I need to come up with a good balance.

I wish myself luck.


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