Twins: The best of all possible things.

Once upon a time a couple had been together for many years and decided that it was time to expand their family.  The decided to have a baby.  For a few years they spent time talking about it and working to arrange their lives so that once they did it they could support the new little life they were about to create.  As always somethings they tried worked and others didn’t but finally they decided that since the time was as close to right as they could come up with and would never be perfect they would just go ahead and jump in.

Suddenly one day it occurred to them that it was actually happening.  Finally they little white stick said “yes” and their family was going to grow by 1.

One day the soon to be mom went to get an ultrasound to find out how their new baby was doing.  The father wasn’t there since it was just a routine checkup on the baby and the mom had to go to work in the office when her appointment was done.  As the ultrasound tech was setting up she engaged the mother in some basic small talk.  Just after she started looking at the baby she asked the mother “Is there a history of twins in your family?”.

Not catching the significance of this question the mother just said “Yes, my great grandmother had 3 sets of twins.”  Then the ultrasound tech said ” Well, it looks like you are going to have a set of your own.”  The mothers response was a brilliant “No I’m not!”.  Tech “Yes you are.” Mother “Uh uh, no I’m not.” Tech “Yes you are, see” and she pointed to the two wonderful babies on the monitor.

The soon to be mother started to cry.  The tears just flowed and flowed.  She cried through the entire appointment and the entire drive home to tell the father that he would soon have not one but two little lives added to his.

The rest of the day was spent in shock, happiness and joy.

This just goes to prove that the most well laid plans can get completely decimated in an instant.  And sometimes that destruction can be the best of all possible things.


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