Appointment 2

I had my second doctor appointment earlier this week.  To quote the doctor “everything is just fine”.  Hearing the heartbeats of my children was incredible.  Knowing that the changes my body is going through is all to help my little ones grow properly makes it all worth while.

When trying to get the heartbeats “Twin A” who is currently on the top was so busy in there that it took the doctor 2 tries before she could catch it.   “Twin B” was nice and laid back and was just hanging out, the doctor got the heartbeat on the first try.

The doctor warned me that “Twin A” was going to be quite the busy little bee and that I will probably spend the rest of my life trying to keep up.  I am excited to try 🙂

In 4 weeks I will have my next ultrasound.  It is the big one where they do the Fetal Anatomical Survey.  It is exciting because I should be able to find out if they are boys, girls, or one of each.  Then the planning can really begin.


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