Book Review: Enlightenment for Idiots

I find that reading tomes of spiritual teachings bore me silly. I picked up the Bhagavad Gita this last weekend and tried to read it. I couldn’t get past the word “verily” it showed up multiple times on a single page. Every time I saw it I had to stop reading think about the word and its meeting then start again. Finally I quit trying, maybe someday I will be in the right frame of mind to read it but for now it is beyond me.
Instead I picked up the book “Enlightenment for Idiots” by Anne Cushman and read through it. In reading about the trials and challenges that Amanda faced in her search for enlightenment through yoga in India and the final place that she found it I was inspired. The book spoke to me in a way that the Bhagavad Gita can’t at this stage in my life. By looking through Amanda’s eyes I was able to look at my own life and try to see how to pull some of the teachings and lessons that Amanda found into myself.
Amanda had spent her life searching for something that was just out of her reach. Reading through the journey that she took to find it was a joy. I am thankful that Ms. Cushman wrote this wonderful book for me to read so that I could get a perspective of what searching for your self in India could be like. Traveling to India is not something that I will ever be able to do but searching for enlightenment is a journey that I am beginning to take.
Her story helps me on that path by allowing me to live vicariously through her character and see a side of things that I have never before really considered. It was a great overview of many of the different types of yoga that are out there. I know of them but to read about what someone experienced when looking into them helped me to have a bit broader understanding of what they mean.
The end of the book where she pulls together all that she learned and begins the next stage of her life was well written and really spoke to me.
Thank you Anne for this story, it was wonderful.

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