Laughing Meditation

While listening to the book Buddhism for Mothers the author talks about taking every moment you can to spend time being mindful. Using the time with your children to meditate and reflect. Spending every moment you can focused on the here and now.

I have twin boys who just turned 18 months old. They are very active and are absolutely wonderful. Last evening they were fussy and angry because we wouldn’t let them go into a room that they aren’t allowed in. I had a hard time getting their attention focused away from that room. Finally I was able to get them into their bedrooms and we played tag around one of their cribs. The cribs are pulled away from the walls so there is room to get around them on all sides.
After a while I just parked myself on the floor behind the crib and every time one of the boys would come around the corner I would start laughing hystarically. They would then join in. For about 10 minutes all we did was duck, hide, and laugh until our faces hurt. I spent the time just being with them. I wasn’t thinking about anything except them and laughing. When I began to get tired of the game I pushed myself to continue. Even if I didn’t mean it as much by forcing myself to continue laughing with them I was able to see the light in their eyes for those extra few moments.
At the end of it my son Owen tackled me to drag me to the floor he then hugged me and gave me giant kisses. I told him thank you and that I love him too. I will have to make a point of doing this sort of meditation on a regular basis.

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