Book Review: Buddhism for Mothers

I have been avoiding writing a review on this book.  Mainly because there is so much content and new things to think about I am having a hard time putting it down.

This book opened me eyes to many new thoughts and concepts.  It gave me permission to begin the final process of letting go of the “Catholic Guilt” that I have been plagued with most of my life.  It is forcing me to think about who I am and what I am doing in every moment of the day.

The here is the list of the top things that I have taken away from listening to this book:

  • I need to stop and evaluate where I am and what I am doing in random moments through the day.  
  • I need to think about what I should be doing to make my life the best it can be. 
  • I need to appreciate the gift that I have been given in my children as they are right now and not spend so much time focusing on what type of men they will become.  
  • I need to love myself as I am now and not focus so very much on who I would like to be. 
  • I need to spend some time looking at the bits and pieces of myself that are not part of the core of my being and are instead holding me back from being my true self.
  • I need to examine anger and emotions that I feel learn to accept them, and move on from them without pulling them with me.
I am glad that I chose to get this book as an audio book initially.  By listening to the book I was forced to “read” the entire book all the way through.  My goals are to listen to this book on a regular basis through the years.  I will probably purchase a paper copy sometime so that I can read it through visually, take notes, and highlight the passages that mean the most to me.  
I highly recommend it as a good book for any parent not just mothers.


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