5 Minute Friday: Perspective…

Understanding what it means to be a mother is impossible until you actually are one.

I was lucky in my life to have a sister who is 14 years younger than me.  She is a wonderful woman and was a great baby sister.  She was 4 when I left home but those first 4 years of her life taught me a bit of what it would mean to be a mother.  I was old enough to understand, and the knowledge taught me to wait.

With the understanding that I had gained I chose to wait until I felt I could handle motherhood.  I knew just how much i didn’t know.

Now looking back I am glad that I waited.  Now I have the knowledge that I gained in those 4 years of helping to raise my “baby” sister as well as the 10+ years of things that I did in my 20’s that I couldn’t have done if I had children.

Now they are my life.  Everything I do is for them.  They have opened my eyes to see the wonder of the world through fresh eyes.  I can give and provide for them in a way I feel proud of.


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