Travel Sleep Kit

I have children, this means that traveling can be a huge pain.  This weekend we are going to visit the grandparents.  To prepare I decided to create a travel sleep kit.


First, I found a tote with a nice lid that snaps shut.  We usually travel in our pickup truck so I didn’t have to worry about size but it should also fit in my car if absolutely necessary.


Then I found this great pattern on Pinterest for sleeping mats made out of pillows and pillowcases.  I had everything in my cart to make them.  Then I ran into a friend who pointed me to these really neat inflatable toddler beds.  They are perfect and required no sewing.  I also added an electric inflator.


I HATE sleeping on air mattresses.  They get really cold at night and slip and slide around.  So I picked up a set of knit sheets.  My eventual goal is to make slipcovers for the mattresses that are made with fleece.  For now I am going to layer the knit sheets over a crocheted afghan.  With their fleece footy PJs they should be warm enough.


For fun I picked up some cute pillow cases.  Add on their favorite blankets and stuffed animals and we have the perfect travel sleep system.


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