5×5 Garden Challenge

Rectangular 5x5 logo

Chiots Run has some of the best blog posts and podcasts. I find her and her husband very inspiring in may ways. This year she created a new gardening challenge called the 5×5 Challenge. I’m still working on getting my gardens to be stable, beautiful, and useful pieces of land and thought that this would be a great way to get started.

Summer 2013 goals
1. Fix up the garage garden to be useful this year instead of a weed bed.
2. Finally figure out the best way to use my full shade garden.
3. Add a new garden for the 5×5 Challenge.
4. Plant the new evergreen trees and lilac bush I am getting from the Arbor Day Foundation
5. Figure out how to keep said trees alive
6. Possibly plant 2 fruit trees, probably elderberries

I have a lot of goals and will have my twin 3 year old boys helping me. We will see how I do by the end of the summer. 🙂

Happy planting!


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