Zaycon: Ground Beef Review

I am a person who believes in stocking up on food.  Especially the tried and true items that you know will get used before they go bad.  For example, I pick up 10 bags of 3 packs of whole wheat flat bread from Costco because we go through 2 packs a week these days.  I have officially graduated to buying meat in bulk.  I was reading a blog recently where the woman mentioned that she had just picked up her Zaycon Chicken order and I started looking into the company. I decided I liked what I saw and I decided to order.  The company sells their product by the case, and deliver it to parking lots in box trucks.  I drove up, they found me on their computer, then they loaded my order into the car where I told them to, then I drove away.  Super easy.

Once I found them, the next item that came up in my area was 36lb boxes of bacon.  I could not bring myself to order it.  I am convinced that had I ordered it my cholesterol levels would have skyrocketed just on the drive home. So I waited.  Finally ground beef came up for order, 40lbs of 93% lean ground beef for 3.46/lb.  I went ahead and ordered it.

Today I left work early and picked it up.  Then I went home and split it up and my mother in law started frying some up.  There was almost no fat at all in it, just enough that it didn’t stick to the pan but that was it.  It was nice and fresh, if I read the website right this hamburger had never been frozen it was so fresh.  Next up, fresh boneless skinless chicken breasts for $1.76/lb.

My box totaled 38lbs and broke down as follows:

  • 16 – ~1.5lb packages raw meat to be frozen
  • 5 – ~2lb packages of fried burger to be frozen
  • 1 – 1lb package for later in the week
  • 1 – 1lb chunk for burgers to be fried for supper tonight



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