5×5 Garden Challenge: July Update

My garden is better this year than it has been at any point in the past.  Here is a summary:


1. Lettuce: I’ve been harvesting lettuce for a while now.  We don’t eat that much of it but I keep it growing for when we need it.

2. Radishes: We all like radishes in this house.  I’ve been able to harvest a few times now.  Surprisingly the most recent plantings have been the biggest ones. They have grown to golfball size.

3. Peas: I had put in sugar snap peas.  We ate a few good meals off of them.  I picked the last of them and pulled the plants last weekend.  Next year I want to do it again but maybe try a different variety.  I also need a better trellis for them next year.

4. Beans: I planted a mixture of yellow, purple, and green beans.  They are growing in really well.  We have eaten many decent meals from them and have a few more to come.  My boys love them and are excited to help me pick them.  They even planted a few plants of their own.

5. Tomatoes: So far this year I have picked 6 baby orange tomatoes.  We are all looking forward to the tomatoes to come.

6. Herbs: Chives, mint, basil, chives, and lemon balm.  Last year I planted lemon balm and let it go to seed.  This year it is coming in like a weed.  It tastes delicious when I throw it in with a salad.  I want to try doing a lemon balm pesto for pasta soon.


1. Rhubarb: I have one plant growing that is doing really well.  Hopefully next year it comes in well enough that we can get a few pies from it.  Yum.

2. Cucumbers: I have 2 cucumber plants growing but I got them in late so we will see how they do.

3. Green Pepper: I got one plant in and it has one pepper on it.  I hope it’s delicious.

4. Carrots: I have a few rows of carrots in.  I hope that they end up tasting good when I finally do pick them.

5. Onions: I planted 2 different varieties of onions this year.  Far to many of the plants didn’t make it.  I know that there is a gopher living in the garden and I think that he ate most of them.  There are 6 onions that I planted that were growing in our pantry.  Right now they have tops growing with blooms coming in.  I have gotten a few compliments on the pretty “flowers”!

6. Zucchini: My boys planted a single zucchini seed that is growing.  I hope to get at least a few off of the stems.


1. Blackeyed Susans: I planted these a few years ago and they are doing fantastically.  Next spring I want to dig some up and transplant them.  They are getting super thick.

2. Bachelors buttons: My mom gave me these a few years ago.  They keep growing and blooming but….  I don’t like how they get all floppy.  I think that next spring I will transplant them somewhere else and put something else there next year.

3. Peonies: I have some beautiful peonies and planted one new plant this year.  Hopefully next year it will be big enough to bloom.

4. Purple Clematis: Another one that I have had for quite a while this year I gave it a bigger trellis, it is currently full of nice big blooms.

5. Succulents: I planted a variety of succulents over the last couple of years.  They are doing wonderful this year and are nice and big.

6. Marigolds: These got planted to thickly but are growing nice and bushy and big.  Their flowers are so nice and bright.  Definitely planting more of these next year.


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