Month: January 2014

#31DaysOfYoga – Day 31


Well I did it.  I can’t quite believe it, but I did it.  31 days in a row where I got on my mat every day.  Some days were more intense and others were me lying on my mat trying to not fall asleep.  Either way it is the most time I have spent on my mat in a row.  Ever.

Some things I learned about myself this month:

  • I am too complacent about many aspects of my life.
  • I am capable of meeting a goal if I really want it.
  • Yoga really does make me feel better, it helps to ground and center me.
  • It doesn’t take much on the mat to help me get a good stretch in.
  • I don’t spend enough time in my own head.  Instead of just being in my head on the mat I spent to much time listening to classes or podcasts.
  • Yoga U Online is a fantastic site.  I signed up for their subscription service so that I can get some good classes for decent prices.

Now to start February.


Lazy Yoga Practice: Free Books

I read books. A lot of them.  All kinds of them.  I also spend to much money on books about topics I am interested in.  But I was just reminded about the Free Books you can get on the internet.  I’ve read many classics this way but never looked for Free classic Yoga texts.  Here are a few links to various sites that they can be found at.

Recipe: Sweet Bread Hot Pockets

Tonight I combined two recipes I found in the inter web and created the most delicious pizza pockets.  Next time I am going to double everything and make a huge batch to freeze.  I will make  no other modifications, except to maybe try other flavors. Both recipes get two thumbs up from everyone here.

bread loafFor the dough I used this super simple recipe for Homemade ‘King’s Hawaiian’ Bread.

7437282290_f0a9a3b598_zFor the filling I used a modified version of the Pioneer Womans “Easy Calzone” recipe.

Current Reading List: Jan 2014

IMG 0005 2

Here is a photo of my current book list.  These are all books that I am actively reading my way through.   It does not include the audiobooks that I am listening to or the fun books that I have on my digital devices.  I may need to try finish some of these!

  • Siblings Without Rivalry: a very interesting book on how to raise children.  I’ve been working my way through it for a few years but read a chapter often enough I leave it out all the time.  Once I finish it I will probably start it all over again.
  • How To Be Your Dog’s Best Friend:  just before Christmas we had a dog move into our barn.  We decided to keep her and named her Miss Nikki.  She appears to be a fairly young Lab mix who is full of more energy than I can deal with.  I just got this book to help me figure out how to train her to not jump or bite people.  I have just barely started it but it’s probably the most important book on the table right now.
  • The Dirty Life:  This is a book I picked up from the Library about a woman living in New York City who fell in love with a farmer. Her and her husband created a very interesting farm.  I’m about halfway through it and find it fascinating.
  • In the French Kitchen Garden:  I just got this book this weekend and am flying through it.  I love reading books on gardening in the winter. It makes the cold days much less cold.
  • No-Work Garden Book: a book I borrowed from my mother about creating no till gardens.
  • Meditations from the Mat: a yoga book that I almost gave away.  I picked it up years ago and read through the beginning of it.  Recently I decided to clear my shelves and get rid of books that I’ve had forever and never read or won’t read again.  I had the box all ready to go but never got it to the Library.  Recently it was recommended as a great book to read.  I pulled it back out and am working my way through it day by day.  This book is the reason I should never try to clean off my book shelves!
  • The Modern Web:  This is a book about the current state of website development.  It has some great information on HTML5/CSS3, responsive design, adaptive design, and a ton of other great dev information.
  • I picked up a few magazine subscriptions recently for a super low price.  I am trying to read each one as they come in and then I take them to the library or pile them up for a friend who is interested in gardening as well.

Lazy Yoga Practice: Sitting poses and an interview

Today’s Lazy Yoga practice was spending 20 minutes just sitting and listening.  I recently learned that the website Yoga U has a variety of free classes that can be downloaded.  Today I spent 20 minutes listening to a very interesting interview with Julie Gudmestad called “Essentials of Healthy Core Strengthening”.

To start I sat in standard cross-legged pose and started the interview.  I really focused on keeping my posture just right.  I was constantly doing minute adjustments to keep my spine and sit bones aligned properly.  After 4 minutes I changed the cross of my legs for another 4 minutes.  There was a brief interruption by one of my boys looking for some lotion for the dry skin on his back.

He sat in front of me and got a short back rub as I applied the lotion.  It was a wonderful learning moment for me.  At first I was irritated because he is constantly looking for a reason to not be in bed. Instead of being angry I focused on enjoying the quiet moment with my son.  It ended with a nice hug and a kiss and he went back to bed.

After the interruption I went back to listening to the interview.  I sat in Dandasana for about 3 minutes working on my posture.  Then I changed to the butterfly pose.  I also did a half lotus for 2 minutes on each leg.  At the end I just sat in cross legged pose with the best posture I could manage and my head gently hanging loose.  I slowly stretched out my neck and upper back muscles.  I changed the cross of my legs again and did a few shoulder roles.

Then savasana.

Overall it was a good practice.  I had a moment with my son.  I was on my mat for almost a half hour in total. I got to listen to a great interview.  I feel like my back may be a bit sore tomorrow.  It was worth it.  Definitely one that I will try to do again.  I may not meditate (yet) but these kinds of practices feel like a good base for being able to sit for long periods of time.

Quote: Just Show Up



I was looking for some images that inspire me in my daily practice.  This one was one I love and really reflects my January Yoga goals.  Showing up on my mat every day for a few minutes is more important that any other part of my practice.  It’s the best place to start.

Wheat Berries.


My new obsessions. I grew them on a lark the other day when it was way to far below zero for humans to be outdoors. My boys discovered they like them too and asked me to record the video above. Here is what I did:

– I washed out a mason jar in really hot water to make sure it was good and clean.
– Put about 1/3 cup of wheat berries in the jar. I got them in a bulk bin at the local food co-opm, Bobs Red Mill sells them in most regular grocery stores.
– Add water until they are covered.
– Cover with a mason jar ring and a small piece of cloth.
– Change the water every 10 – 12 hours or so for 24 hours, or until I saw little sprout tails starting to grow.
– To drain them I just put the cloth over the top and turn the jar over in the drain until all the water is gone.
– Once the tails are showing rinse them but this time drain all the water out and don’t replace it. Keep rinsing a couple times a day.
– Once they started to grow roots I planted a few of them in a pot I have on the window sill. The rest I left in the jar.
– After a few days they started to grow leaves. I then put them in the fridge.

I started eating them as soon as they were growing tails.

– I put them in my oatmeal, at all stages of growth, they add a nice crunch. The bonus is that I don’t need to cook them!
– I put them on a sandwich after they started growing leaves
– I ate them raw when I was craving candy the other night.

The adventure will continue. I may switch to another type of seed next. Hmm. we will see.