#31DaysOfYoga – Day 5

I started doing Laura’s 31 Days of Yoga Challenge on the first of the year.  I have to say that I am rocking it so far.  I have managed to do 5 full days of yoga practice.  The shortest was 10 minutes of Savasana listening to a Chi Flow podcast, it felt great!  The best was today where for the first time in years I did a home practice that felt perfect.  It flowed really well and my body liked it.

I think that what is different this time over the many other times I have tried this in the past is that I am not pushing myself.  I decided that I would commit to doing yoga every day.  Whatever is needed.  I don’t choose what I will do until I am on the mat.  I have built up a decent library of short videos that I find interesting.  What I have discovered though is that they are just a starting point.  I start them then shut them off and go my own way when they don’t feel comfortable.

One of the most interesting blogs I have come across lately is the Meditative Gardener.  She takes two of my longest lasting interests and combines them in a way that always makes me think a bit differently about life.  Recently she had a post about making a squash pie (which is one of my favorites!).  It then changed into reminding us to be thankful of the life we have.  It really resonated with me and made me spend some time thinking on some parts of my life that I want to focus on better.

The body only lasts so long. And what it does is beyond our control, no matter how well we take care of it.

Knowing this, knowing that Life consumes Life, what’s the harvest of our life? What do we make of our “one wild and precious life”?


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