2014 Goals


Word for the year: Accomplishment

This year I really want to focus on accomplishing things I can be proud of.  I have always had issues with my self-confidence and am hoping that if I spend time focusing on accomplishing tasks I will start to understand what I am capable of.  Small goals and biting off chunks of the large ones should both help.


I have been doing bits and pieces of yoga for 10+ years but have never established a home practice.  This year I feel like I am finally ready to commit to it. I am starting off the year with a #31 Days of Yoga challenge. I want to go one entire month with doing yoga every day.  Building my home practice is an important goal for this year and this is a good place to start.  On the other hand, I know myself and my limits and will not judge myself to harshly if I don’t pull it off completely.  By the end of the year I want to have spend more days doing yoga than not doing them.  That would make this year a success for me.  A weekend long yoga retreat would be awesome as well.


Each year my gardens get a little better.  Last year I had some goals that never came to fruition.  This year I am trying to lay out my plans better.  If I can get at least part of them accomplished I will be very happy.  I love the beauty that my gardens bring to my little corner of the world as well as the food I can provide to my family.  It’s a fun hobby that I am really enjoying learning about and I like what it is teaching the boys about the world outside the walls of our house.


My day job revolves around using new technologies to build web applications.  I love what I do but I find that, other than for a paycheck, I never use those skills outside of work.  Last year I started doing more of that and loved it.  I really want to work on my personal blogs and websites this year.  Consolidating them into one site and keeping them up-to-date and running smoothly.


I want to really work on learning the new technologies that we are using.  I want to understand them well enough that I can feel comfortable accepting a job somewhere else using them and be confidant during the interview process that I can handle the work I am looking for.  I am not job hunting but in this world you always need to be thinking ahead and the commute I have right now is a nightmare.  To do this I am going to start listening to more podcasts, watching PluralSite videos, and reading the various books that I already own on the subjects.


I love to read but have found myself in a bit of a funk lately.  This year I really want to work on gaining back that love.  As a goal I want to read one fun book of some kind each month.  I also want to make sure I take our boys to the library on a regular basis to help instill the same love of book that Ed and I have into their little hearts.


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