“Fork to Fork” Video Series

Here in Minnesota it’s been a frigid winter so far.  Regular negative temperatures due to the “Polar Vortex” have made the days and nights very cold.  I am not looking forward to my heating bill for this winter.  One way that I have  been keeping cozy warm by watching gardening videos on YouTube. It’s helped me to keep my spirits up and remember that spring isn’t really that far away!  

Susie from Chiot’s Run regularly recommends books by Monty Don and has mentioned his videos before.  I finally looked them up and watched the first series, “Fork to Fork”.  It gave me some fantastic ideas for my garden next year.  I’ve been sketching it out and making notes on what I want to do.  

I am starting to think about my seed order and what I want to plant, as well as trying to prioritize the changes I want to make.  I would have to quit my full time job in order to get everything accomplished.  I have two new books coming in the mail for this weekend.  I don’t know if they will help or just add to the list of things I want to do!


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