#31DaysOfYoga – Day 15

The first 15 Days of Lazy Yoga – Accomplishments

  • I did some yoga Every. Single. Day. 🙂
  • The first 8 days I was interrupted by my children every time I sat on the mat, at least once.
  • The most memorable interruption was an epic round of vomiting by my suddenly ill son.
  • One day all I did was lie in bed and read about Yoga philosophy.
  • Once I did a pranayama sequence that put me to sleep.
  • The routine I have done the most is Cosmic Kids Yoga with my children.
  • The most rewarding are the ones where I can start to feel the muscles in my back begin to open up.
  • The biggest revelation I have had was found in this article on practicing compassion (ahisma) by Laura.  I fall into the complacent category, and not just on my mat.  I do it in every aspect of my life.  I’ve always called myself a procrastinator but in truth complacent is a much better term.  Now that I can define it I can start to do something about it and begin to be more present in my life.


  1. Does ‘thinking’ about yoga count? I often think it would be wonderful to have such a calm and ordered life that I could get the mat out and do an hour’s practise every day but my world just isn’t like that!

  2. I have a super busy life and have a hard time even finding 20 minutes a day to do yoga. Having a regular Yoga practice has always been something I have wanted to do “Someday”. I decided that this year I would just stop talking about it and do it. Right now for me that means a “Lazy Yoga” practice where I do “What I Can, When I Can” (wycwyc.com/) even if it is only “Thinking” about it.

    I define “Thinking” about yoga as learning something new either from a book or about myself. I have to seriously commit to learning something new, either from a philosophical stance or by seriously studying a pose that I want to work on.

    Really I am committing every day to focusing on yoga and tuning out the rest of the world. Even for just a few minutes.

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