Wheat Berries.


My new obsessions. I grew them on a lark the other day when it was way to far below zero for humans to be outdoors. My boys discovered they like them too and asked me to record the video above. Here is what I did:

– I washed out a mason jar in really hot water to make sure it was good and clean.
– Put about 1/3 cup of wheat berries in the jar. I got them in a bulk bin at the local food co-opm, Bobs Red Mill sells them in most regular grocery stores.
– Add water until they are covered.
– Cover with a mason jar ring and a small piece of cloth.
– Change the water every 10 – 12 hours or so for 24 hours, or until I saw little sprout tails starting to grow.
– To drain them I just put the cloth over the top and turn the jar over in the drain until all the water is gone.
– Once the tails are showing rinse them but this time drain all the water out and don’t replace it. Keep rinsing a couple times a day.
– Once they started to grow roots I planted a few of them in a pot I have on the window sill. The rest I left in the jar.
– After a few days they started to grow leaves. I then put them in the fridge.

I started eating them as soon as they were growing tails.

– I put them in my oatmeal, at all stages of growth, they add a nice crunch. The bonus is that I don’t need to cook them!
– I put them on a sandwich after they started growing leaves
– I ate them raw when I was craving candy the other night.

The adventure will continue. I may switch to another type of seed next. Hmm. we will see.


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