Lazy Yoga Practice: Sitting poses and an interview

Today’s Lazy Yoga practice was spending 20 minutes just sitting and listening.  I recently learned that the website Yoga U has a variety of free classes that can be downloaded.  Today I spent 20 minutes listening to a very interesting interview with Julie Gudmestad called “Essentials of Healthy Core Strengthening”.

To start I sat in standard cross-legged pose and started the interview.  I really focused on keeping my posture just right.  I was constantly doing minute adjustments to keep my spine and sit bones aligned properly.  After 4 minutes I changed the cross of my legs for another 4 minutes.  There was a brief interruption by one of my boys looking for some lotion for the dry skin on his back.

He sat in front of me and got a short back rub as I applied the lotion.  It was a wonderful learning moment for me.  At first I was irritated because he is constantly looking for a reason to not be in bed. Instead of being angry I focused on enjoying the quiet moment with my son.  It ended with a nice hug and a kiss and he went back to bed.

After the interruption I went back to listening to the interview.  I sat in Dandasana for about 3 minutes working on my posture.  Then I changed to the butterfly pose.  I also did a half lotus for 2 minutes on each leg.  At the end I just sat in cross legged pose with the best posture I could manage and my head gently hanging loose.  I slowly stretched out my neck and upper back muscles.  I changed the cross of my legs again and did a few shoulder roles.

Then savasana.

Overall it was a good practice.  I had a moment with my son.  I was on my mat for almost a half hour in total. I got to listen to a great interview.  I feel like my back may be a bit sore tomorrow.  It was worth it.  Definitely one that I will try to do again.  I may not meditate (yet) but these kinds of practices feel like a good base for being able to sit for long periods of time.


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