Current Reading List: Jan 2014

IMG 0005 2

Here is a photo of my current book list.  These are all books that I am actively reading my way through.   It does not include the audiobooks that I am listening to or the fun books that I have on my digital devices.  I may need to try finish some of these!

  • Siblings Without Rivalry: a very interesting book on how to raise children.  I’ve been working my way through it for a few years but read a chapter often enough I leave it out all the time.  Once I finish it I will probably start it all over again.
  • How To Be Your Dog’s Best Friend:  just before Christmas we had a dog move into our barn.  We decided to keep her and named her Miss Nikki.  She appears to be a fairly young Lab mix who is full of more energy than I can deal with.  I just got this book to help me figure out how to train her to not jump or bite people.  I have just barely started it but it’s probably the most important book on the table right now.
  • The Dirty Life:  This is a book I picked up from the Library about a woman living in New York City who fell in love with a farmer. Her and her husband created a very interesting farm.  I’m about halfway through it and find it fascinating.
  • In the French Kitchen Garden:  I just got this book this weekend and am flying through it.  I love reading books on gardening in the winter. It makes the cold days much less cold.
  • No-Work Garden Book: a book I borrowed from my mother about creating no till gardens.
  • Meditations from the Mat: a yoga book that I almost gave away.  I picked it up years ago and read through the beginning of it.  Recently I decided to clear my shelves and get rid of books that I’ve had forever and never read or won’t read again.  I had the box all ready to go but never got it to the Library.  Recently it was recommended as a great book to read.  I pulled it back out and am working my way through it day by day.  This book is the reason I should never try to clean off my book shelves!
  • The Modern Web:  This is a book about the current state of website development.  It has some great information on HTML5/CSS3, responsive design, adaptive design, and a ton of other great dev information.
  • I picked up a few magazine subscriptions recently for a super low price.  I am trying to read each one as they come in and then I take them to the library or pile them up for a friend who is interested in gardening as well.

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