#31DaysOfYoga – Day 31


Well I did it.  I can’t quite believe it, but I did it.  31 days in a row where I got on my mat every day.  Some days were more intense and others were me lying on my mat trying to not fall asleep.  Either way it is the most time I have spent on my mat in a row.  Ever.

Some things I learned about myself this month:

  • I am too complacent about many aspects of my life.
  • I am capable of meeting a goal if I really want it.
  • Yoga really does make me feel better, it helps to ground and center me.
  • It doesn’t take much on the mat to help me get a good stretch in.
  • I don’t spend enough time in my own head.  Instead of just being in my head on the mat I spent to much time listening to classes or podcasts.
  • Yoga U Online is a fantastic site.  I signed up for their subscription service so that I can get some good classes for decent prices.

Now to start February.


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