5×5 Challenge 2014: First day in the Dirt

This has been the longest and coldest winter in a long time.  There were weeks where it felt like it would never end, today it finally feels like the end is in in sight.  I have no illusions about Minnesota weather and fully expect yet another snowstorm to hit sometime in the fairly near future.

But today was beautiful. It was nice and warm, if overcast.  I spent plenty of time out in the yard with the kids and the dog today.  I was having so much fun I even forgot my camera until it was over.

While the boys were playing I decided to clear the leftovers from last summer out of the garden.  To my surprise I found things growing in there.  My dianthus is already green, my chives are coming up, at least some of my succulents survived the winter, and there were already some good sized weeds coming up.  I realized that if weeds were already coming up I could probably plant some cold hardy seeds.  I got some lettuce, radish, and spinach seeds put in.  Plus I transplanted one lonely onion that somehow survived the winter.  I hope it survives.

For this year I decided to try a bit more formal square foot gardening method.  I built a quick grid out of some lathe that we had in the garage for a different project.  I used the cut ends of the lathe to make the name tags for each square.  I plan to plant small flowers around the edge of the grid.

IMG_0687 IMG_0685 IMG_0684 IMG_0683


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