Holocaust Remembrance Day

Today is the International Holocaust Remembrance Day.  To commemorate I am posting some photos that I took in Miami last December.

We had gone to Miami to celebrate the marriage of some good friends of ours.  The bride is a serious gardener and wanted to go to the Miami Botanical Garden.  When we got to the Garden we found a locked gate so we decided to take a path around to try find one that was open.  When we got to the end of the path we saw a “Cool” statue of a giant hand reaching to the sky.  We had no idea where we were.  We soon discovered that we had stumbled upon the Miami Beach Holocaust Memorial. As we started exploring the memorial we soon realized what it was and what it symbolized.  A quiet descended on our group and we separated to experience it individually.  We each found a place of sadness, quiet, and reflection.  It hurt to look upon the sculptures and the many names on the walls.  When we were done we continued on our walk looking for the gate to the Garden.  While it was a sad moment none of us expected, it enhanced the joy we felt celebrating the life around us.  It helped us to remember what others had lost in the past and who we are in the present.



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