Month: January 2016

New bookmark

I have an obsession with books. I love finding cool ones at thrift stores. I grabbed this one a while back and decided to start it tonight. I found  this really cool bookmark inside ūüôā



Rememborizing Poetry



Rememborizing = A word invented by my children that means to practice remembering things until they are perfectly memorized.




A while back I heard a speech by Andrew Pudewa on the importance of poetry memorization in young children.   I picked up a copy of his program and started it with our boys.  So far we are 1 year and 2 months into the project with 24 poems perfectly rememborized and 2 in the works.   Here is what it looks like in our Afterschooling home.

I have a small notebook that I keep track of our poems in. ¬†Each poem we pick to “rememborize”¬†gets hand written, by me, into the book. I add the date as well as the person who chose the poem. ¬†It’s fun to look back and see who chose our favorites. ¬†Each poem also gets a number.

We are doing a slow and steady pass at AOY1 and I add our poetry list to each weeks list to do.  Both of my boys are at the same level and I found that having them recite the same poems each week was a bit much.  So each week one boy recites the even numbered and the other does the odd ones.   They recite 3 rememborized poems each, 4 days a week.  If they say it perfectly they only say it one time.  If they mess up any words they recite the poem 3 times with me correcting the words they get wrong.

For new poems we keep a list of fun ones that we run across when we are reading poetry or stories.   Sometimes a poem or a set of song lyrics just jumps out at one of us and we automatically add it to the book. When I feel like they have a good grasp on the existing poem list I choose 2 new ones to add to the bucket.   Each boy gets one new poem to start learning.  They have to recite it 3 times each, 4 times during the week.  Then it goes into our regular rotation.

My boys LOVE reciting poems and getting to check the little boxes off the list. ¬†It’s fun when we are out in public and they hear a word or phrase and recite a poem from our list.

My end goal is to continue with them long term and for their high school graduation give each boy a copy of our family poetry book. ¬†I want to hand write the poems into a really nice leather bound journal. ¬† It’s a long term project and I really hope I can keep on track with it.

Afterschooling Ambleside Year 1

I have twin boys who are in Public School Kindergarten. ¬†While they are doing awesome in Kindergarten I wanted to supplement it with extra stuff at home. ¬†After doing a ton of research I settled on Ambleside Online as the program that would work best for us. ¬†We also supplement with Life of Fred, Ray’s Arithmetic, tons of early readers, and I just picked up All About Spelling to play around with.

The key to doing it as an after schooling program is to “Go. Very. Very. Slow.” Each week is taking us around 2 – 3 weeks to accomplish, and I don’t expect to finish Y1 until around October which gives us a full 52 weeks to get through it. ¬†I am planning that next summer we will pick up the pace a bit.

We read a story or two each night before bed and on the weekends we do things that take longer such as Math,  the Burgess Bird book with coloring, extra nature studies, kitchen fun, and habit training.   I also have found that allowing video games on a limited basis has really helped to boost their reading and reasoning skills at a dramatic level.

All of this is kept light weight and fun.  If things start to get to heavy we take a break and stick with stories instead. They love Section time.   They also have homework sometimes that they need to do and that always comes first.

I took a composition book and printed up the Y1 plan (I removed a few things that we aren’t doing and added in their replacements). ¬†I glued and taped the plan into the front of the book.



I started to call them Sections instead of weeks to appease my very literal 5yo boy who got upset that we didn’t finish it in a single week. ¬†We are also doing poetry memorization. ¬†So far they have memorized 24 poems and I rotate each boy through the full list. ¬†When they recite a poem properly we cross it off the list. ¬†We also read new poems 5 times during the Section. ¬†When we come across one that they like and might want to memorize it goes on a separate list. ¬†Each time I create a new section I add one or two new ones to the list and they do those 4 – 5 times during the Section. ¬†We also do free reads on audible in the car on the way to and from school and those will also get added to this page. ¬† The boys are doing the BookIt program for school (I’m not a big fan but don’t fight it). ¬†Each day they read to me out of a book at their reading levels for around 10 minutes or so.

We also tracked December Christmas books.   The boys got to open one each day during the month of December.   They loved it and we all had a blast with it.

Plus I found super cute scrapbook paper that I can cover the book with ūüôā ¬†¬†