Afterschooling Update Feb 2016

I just finished listening to the Ed Snapshots podcast where Melissa Wiley talks about Tidal Homeschooling.   This philosophy really resonated with me and right now we are in a low time with organized Afterschooling.  The boys are doing more of their own learning.  I thought I would post a quick update as to what Afterschooling PS Kindergarten looks like in our house right now.


My boys are still under the misconception that they are required to do the reading for the BookIt program.   Grandma is very good at making sure that they read every day.  So far they have read every single day since October.   Conor is really enjoying reading Skylander Comic books.  Owen is enjoying reading the Billy & Blaze series.

For read-alouds we are slowly working through Pinocchio and just started Betsy-Tacy.

We just finished listening to Peter Pan which we all loved!  We started up with Sparkle Stories again.  There is a new set of stories where Martin & Sylvia are going to Nature School.  The boys are loving it.

Math & Engineering:

A bit of Life of Fred and we also have been playing the game Shut the Box.  I upgraded our rules for a game with the Cribbage board to be addition and subtraction.  I am also adding the game Snap Circuits, they are obsessed with it.

Nature Studies & Outdoor life:

We have not been out much.   The temperatures have been dipping to below zero so we are primarily indoors.  The boys have been enjoying some Burgess Bird stories though.  Currently a favorite game that we are all enjoying is Wild Craft, it was a Christmas gift from Grandma Jenny.

Ambleside Online:

We have slowed down quite a bit here.   Truthfully I needed a bit of a break and we have been pretty sick for the last few weeks.  I’m hoping to pick back up this week and keep working through our ‘Sections’.

Video Games:

I decided to add this section because this time of year we spend a lot of time playing video games.   The boys have been enjoying time with Reading Rainbow and PBS Kids on the computer.   We set up an older iMac so that they can start getting used to using a mouse and keyboard.  They have also been playing a lot of Skylanders.  The skills I see them improving while playing games are reading, spatial reasoning, hand eye coordination, and working cooperatively.

Public School:

School seems to be going really well.  The boys missed quite a bit of school recently due to illness but it didn’t seem to affect them at all.   Their teachers are both trying to give them more challenging work.  I don’t feel like either one is truly being challenged academically in the classroom.  Socially though they are both enjoying time with their friends and classmates.